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Guide to the Fontana Ghost, Horror & Tales of Terror series’.

Jacquelyn Visick – London Tales Of Terror

Posted by demonik on August 15, 2007

Jacquelyn Visick (ed.) – London Tales Of Terror (Fontana, 1972)

Introduction – Jacquelyn Visick

William Sansom – Various Temptations
Algernon Blackwood – Confession
John Keir Cross – ‘Happy Birthday, Dear Alex’
Joan Fleming – Gone Is Gone
John Metcalfe – Time-Fuse
Graham Greene – A Little Place Off The Edgware Road
Brian Aldiss – A Pleasure Shared
Holloway Horn – The Old Man
Eleanor Farjeon – Spooner
Stephen Grendon (August Derleth) – Mrs. Manifold
L. P. Hartley – Someone In The Lift
Charles A. Collins & Charles Dickens – The Trial For Murder
W. F. Harvey – August Heat
Elizabeth Bowen – The Demon Lover
Rosemary Timperley – Harry

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