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Mary Danby ‘65′ series: Galt-Irwin

Posted by demonik on May 25, 2007

Mary Danby 65 books

* Entries in blue have been or, hopefully, will be annotated in the Fontana section *

John Galt – The Black Ferry (Realms of Darkness)

Jane Gaskell – Jane: Girl prone to fits is neglected by parents who favour Jane, a boa constrictor. The snake, in its dotage, attacks and devours the father. (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Theo Gift – Dog Or Demon? (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Charlotte Perkins Gilman – The Yellow Wallpaper (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Anthony Gittins – Gibbet Lane: Surrey. Flash Londoners Gollen and Pounceby are on a walking tour and pretending to enjoy it. They stop to ask a farmer for directions to the nearest pub, and he tells one of the gents he’ll accompany them some of the journey. By way of conversation, he offers the cheery tale of an innocent man hung for the murder of his wife and the weird experience he himself underwent on this gloomy stretch of land. (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Terry Gisbourne – The Quiet Man (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Catherine Gleason – Friends (Realms of Darkness)

Catherine Gleason – A Question Of Conscience (65 Great Spine Chillers)

John B. L. Goodwin – The Cocoon (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Winston Graham – The Basket Chair (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Winston Graham – The Circus (Realms of Darkness)

Stephen Grendon (August Derleth) – The Tsanta In The Parlor: Ernest Ambler, the bane of his uncle Theophilis’s life has been missing, hopefully dead, in Ecuador these past seven years, when he writes to the old boy announcing his return to the States. By way of a peace offering he encloses a macabre gift: the shrunken head of a Jivaro Indian. As he awaits Ernest’s impending arrival the old man’s patience is tested to the full by inexplicable gibbering from the parlour at night and the presence of a headless figure which shadows him on the stairs … (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Davis Grubb – The Horsehair Trunk (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Davis Grubb – Where the Woodbine Twineth (Realms of Darkness)

John Halkin – Bobby (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Willis Hall – Waking or Sleeping (Realms of Darkness)

Pamela Hansford-Johnson – Ghost Of Honour: “Until the fall of this house I will walk within it, and when the last brick crumbles to dust I will walk the site of it. Only one grain of mercy will I leave with you: never shall living soul behold my face.” Such was the dying speech of Jeremiah ‘Beefy’ Dunbow, as he choked on a fish bone fed him by his wife and fellow stage performer and, three hundred years later, he’s sticking to his guns. The St. Pancras family are rather fond of their ghost who daily bangs out a mean tune on the organ, but their guest, Mr. Robertson isn’t amused. When Jeremiah visits him in his room after dark, Robertson even accuses him of reneging on that “one grain of mercy” consolation …. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Roy Harrison – The Frogwood Roundabout (65 Great Spine Chillers)

L. P. Hartley – Monkshood Manor (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

L. P. Hartley – Someone in the Lift (Realms of Darkness)

William F. Harvey – The Ankardyne Pew (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

William F. Harvey – The Beast With Five Fingers (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Dorothy K. Haynes – The Peculiar Case of Mrs. Grimmond (Realms of Darkness)

Dorothy K. Haynes – Those Lights And Violins: Eight years ago, the Mount Hotel at St. Mervyn’s hastily shut its doors for good after a guest was stricken with bubonic plague. It spread. Racked with guilt, song-and-dance man, Splitter Haley has kept the dark secret of what happened to the corpses, but now it is time to unburden himself. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

O. Henry – The Furnished Room (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

C. D. Heriot – The Trapdoor (Realms of Darkness)

Patricia Highsmith – The Day of Reckoning (Realms of Darkness)

Patricia Highsmith – The Snail-Watcher: Peter Knoppert learns the hard way that a man can have too many snails. Beginning with just a handful of specimens, he allows them to reproduce unchecked until they’ve taken over the study and sets himself up for a slimy doom. Highsmith in gross out mood. (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

George Hitchcock – An Invitation To The Hunt: Fred Perkins is aghast to receive the printed invitation to the local knobs’ biggest social event of the year and can’t fathom why he’s been acknowledged. Wife Emily is delighted and, when he tells her he’s not going, she reminds him of his duty to the children, his perpetual moaning that he has no contacts and the fact that the neighbours are seething jealous. She even buys him a smart huntsman’s uniform so he won’t feel left out. Come the eve of the big day, Fred is too nervous to sleep. And, as it transpires, not without good reason. (Realms of Darkness)

William Hope Hodgson – The Voice In The Night (65 Great Spine Chillers)

William Hope Hodgson – The Whistling Room (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Robert Holdstock – Magic Man (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Thomas Hood – The Shade Of A Shade (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Geoffrey Household – Taboo: Zweibergen, a village in the Carpathian Mountains, summer 1926. Loner Shiravieff is forced into union with Vaughan and his wife Kyra when three local men go missing in the forest. The peasants are convinced that a werewolf is responsible and, surprisingly, Vaughan agrees with them after his own fashion. He and Shiravieff take it in turns to act as bait and lure out whoever or whatever is responsible. A figure crawls from a cave under the spring …… (Realms of Darkness)

Richard Hughes – A Night At A Cottage: Worcester. An escaped convict breaks into an abandoned cottage to shelter from the storm. Presently he’s joined by a tramp who explains that the property is shunned on account of the ghost of the previous owner who drowned himself in the pond. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Fanny Hurst – Guilty: Mr. Jett’s wife and daughter believe him to be a were-fish. Emma, the mother, died giving birth to Ann Elizabeth, who is a relatively run of the mill girl up until the eve of her wedding. As her father enters the room she attacks him with a knife, shrieking “Don’t touch me! You can’t! You haven’t got any arms! Horrible gills!” Eventually she turns the blade on herself, plunging it into her throat. The unfortunate Mr. Jett is tried for murder.
(65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Hammond Innes – South Sea Bubble (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Washington Irving – Guests from Gibbet Island (Realms of Darkness)

Washington Irving – The Spectre Bridegroom (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Margaret Irwin – The Book (Realms of Darkness)

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Mary Danby ‘65′ series: Tapp-Wyndham

Posted by demonik on May 25, 2007

Mary Danby 65 books

* Entries in blue have been or, hopefully, will be annotated in the Fontana section *

Terry Tapp – The Invaders (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Terry Tapp – Polish the Lid (Realms of Darkness)

Terry Tapp – See How They Run (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Bernard Taylor – Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Bernard Taylor – Travelling Light: Gideon is forced to share a room with Travers due to a mix up at the hotel. Watching the stranger shave with a cut-throat razor reminds Gideon of the series of motiveless murders that have been baffling the police: eight women have been slashed in public by their husbands – “it’s like some terrifying disease.” The following morning Gideon’s wife is due to meet him in the lobby. He has a hangover which is odd as he didn’t drink the previous day. He looks in the mirror and … (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Alan Temperley – Evening Flight (Realms of Darkness)

William F. Temple – The Whispering Gallery (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Paul Theroux – Dengué Fever (Realms of Darkness)

Christine Campbell Thomson – Message For Margie: A semi-legitimate Psychic comes to grief in the great Christine Campbell “Not At Night” Thomson’s final horror story, according to Mike Ashley, her personal favourite. (Realms of Darkness)

Rosemary Timperley – The Deathly Silence: A woman poisons her unbearable husband, a compulsive reader prone to giving her the silent treatment for weeks at a time. But when she returns home from the funeral another book is open on the table. A page turns. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Rosemary Timperley – Harry (Realms of Darkness)

Basil Tozer – The Pioneers of Pike’s Peak (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Harry E. Turner – Now Showing At The Roxy (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Mark Twain – A Ghost Story: New York. The spirit of the petrified man known as the Cardiff Giant haunts both the Museum where his remains are on show and a room in a large house on Broadway. Twain convinces him he’s got this haunting thing all wrong in this forgettable parody of Gothic excess ..
(65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

R. E. Vernede – The Finless Death: R. E. Vernede – The Finless Death: Mexico. Kender and Flackman ignore the pleas of Don Miguel the Innkeeper and go fishing at the lagoon as planned. So two Germans failed to return from the same spot yesterday – what is that to them? Their bravado pays off when they land a peculiar catch: a rotund white fish which, truth be told, neither of them like the look of.
The boat containing the dead Germans – stood stock-still like waxworks – floats toward them. The floppy white thing – ugly brute! – oozes slime …..
(65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Tim Vicary – Guest Room (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

H. Russell Wakefield – Blind Man’s Buff (65 Great Spine Chillers)

H. Russell Wakefield – Lucky’s Grove (Realms of Darkness)

H. Russell Wakefield – The Triumph Of Death: Mrs Redvale the rector’s wife is concerned about Amelia, the young maid of all work at Carthwaite Place. The young woman is showing the strain of skivvying for the seriously embittered Miss Prunella Pendleham, the last of a notorious line who, disappointed in love has waged a war versus her own sex ever since. It doesn’t help that Carthwaite Place is haunted, quite possibly by Amelia’s immediate predecessors who were driven to their deaths (her ladyship delights in having Amelia read to her from the career of Gilles de Rais with the occasional M. R. James ghost story thrown in by way of light relief). Can Mrs Redvale persuade her spineless husband to stand up to Miss Pendleham and prevent another tragedy?
I’ve seen Wakefield’s post-1940’s work dismissed as rather misogynistic variations on well worn revenge themes, but this one certainly has a spirited nastiness about it. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Hugh Walpole – Mrs. Lunt (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Hugh Walpole – Tarnhelm (Realms of Darkness)

Elizabeth Walter – The Hollies And The Ivy: Gus and Judith Pentecost move into The Hollies, previously owned by old Mrs. Dyer whose husband vanished, presumed murdered by wife although no body was ever recovered. From the first, Gus fights a losing battle versus the unruly ivy which clings to the walls and taps on the windows at night. Come Christmas, and they’re entombed by the fist-thick roots. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Elizabeth Walter – The Tibetan Box (Realms of Darkness)

Evelyn Waugh – The Man Who Liked Dickens: (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Evelyn Waugh – Mr. Loveday’s Little Outing: Despite a terrible crime in his youth – he throttled a woman cyclist – Mr. Loveday has been a model patient at the County Asylum, so much so that Angela takes him for a member of staff when first she meets him(he’s been acting as her father, Lord Moping’s secretary, his Lordship having attempted to hang himself with his braces rather than attend Lady Moping’s garden party). Angela campaigns on the old boy’s behalf and secures his release … (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Philip Welby – Buffy (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

H. G. Wells – Pollock And The Porroh Man (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

H. G. Wells – The Red Room (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

H. G. Wells – The Sea-Raiders (Realms of Darkness)

Simon West (August Derleth) – A Thin Gentleman with Gloves (Realms of Darkness)

Edith Wharton – All Souls’ (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Dennis Wheatley – The Case Of The Haunted Chateau: During World War II, an old chateau ” … had to be abandoned because it is so badly haunted that even the officers refuse to stay in it.” The spectre is reputedly that of the sadistic Vicomte de Cheterau who bled the peasants dry and was crucified by them during the Revolution for his sins. Psychic detective Neils Orsen investigates. (Realms of Darkness)

Dennis Wheatley – The Case Of The Long Dead Lord (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Dennis Wheatley – The Snake (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Edward Lucas White – Lukundoo: Stone learns the hard way that it doesn’t do to humiliate a witch-doctor. From carbuncle-like swellings on his body emerge tiny Negroid men, the heads of which he lops off with a razor. But it’s a never-ending battle and, forced to endure the shrill taunts and gesticulations of the pigmy’s, he’s driven to madness and death. (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

T. H. White – The Troll (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Henry S. Whitehead – The Lips (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Mary Williams – No Ticket (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Angus Wilson – Mummy To The Rescue (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Alexander Woollcott – Moonlight Sonata: A “true” story, published in America rather than the UK on account of it being far too scandalous and horrific for the English press! All names – except for that of the lunatic – have been altered to protect Woollcott from a libel suit.
Cazalet invites his friend Dr. Alvan Barach to stay at his crumbling manor house (Barach thinks of it as ‘The Creeps, Sevenoaks, Kent’). The guest is disturbed in his sleep and wakes to discover a figure intently sewing in the corner of his room. At first, he takes this to be one of the ghosts he’s been warned about, but the discovery of cook’s mutilated body disillusions him of that one … (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

P. C. Wren – Fear (65 Great Spine Chillers)

John Wyndham – Close Behind Him (65 Great Spine Chillers)

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Mary Danby ‘65′ series: Nash-Sturgeon

Posted by demonik on May 25, 2007

Mary Danby 65 books

* Entries in blue have been or, hopefully, will be annotated in the Fontana section *

Ogden Nash – The Three D’s: Victoria, the new girl at the Misses Mallison Female Seminary, is keen to join the Sorority Club. The ‘daring’ and ‘deadly’ deeds she’s required to perform hold no fears for her, but ‘done never before’ is a stumbling block. Until the girls tell her about the grave of the executed witch in the field behind the slaughteryard. (65 Great Spine Chillers)

E. Nesbit – John Charrington’s Wedding (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

E. Nesbit – Man-Size in Marble (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Alfred Noyes – Midnight Express (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Clive Pemberton – The Will Of Luke Carlowe: By the terms of the Professor’s will, his detested nephew Cyril will inherit the entire estate on condition that he agree to enter the burial vault a month to the night following his death. Only then will Carlowe – in spirit form – present him with the document of entitlement, confounding those who take him for a credulous old fool into the bargain. (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Roger B. Pile – Mary (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Hal Pink – The Screaming Plant (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Edgar Allan Poe – The Black Cat: (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Edgar Allan Poe – The Facts In The Case Of M. Valdemar (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Edgar Allan Poe – The Pit and The Pendulum: (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Edgar Allan Poe – The Tell-Tale Heart (Realms of Darkness)

J. B. Priestly – The Demon King: The company assembled for Mr. Tom Burt’s boxing day premier of Jack And Jill at the Theatre Royal, Bruddersford are a motley crew, the solitary performer with any kind of track record being their Demon King, Kirk Ireton, whose talent has been somewhat diminished by his capacity for alcohol. When he disappears after a session in The Cooper’s Arms mere hours before the pantomime it looks as though even the dubious talents of the Happy Yorkshire Lasses won’t salvage this turkey. But come the eleventh hour and Ireton – or, at least, somebody dressed in a most impressive Devil’s costume – shows up. The troupe go on to play a blinder. (Realms of Darkness)

V. S. Pritchett – A Story Of Don Juan: Quintero, heartly sick of his legendary guest bragging of his conquests, decides to give him the room haunted by his dead wife’s ghost to teach him a lesson. He reckons without Don Juan’s indifference to whether or not his lovers possess a pulse. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Bill Pronzini – Peekaboo: (Realms of Darkness)

Seabury Quinn – The House Of Horror: Lost in a storm, De Grandin and Trowbridge chance upon Marston Hall, home to the brilliant surgeon Dr. John Beirsfield Marston who retired after his deformed son committed suicide when his bride to be, actress Dora Lee, jilted him. Not much has been heard of Marston since then, although a number of young girls have gone missing in the area …
Rarely was Quinn to pen anything quite as nasty as this (although he tried, and even rewrote The House Of Horror at least once: The House Where Time Stood Still). (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Jane Rice – The Refugee: (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Tony Richards – The Black Lake: (Realms of Darkness)

Tony Richards – Headlamps (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Flavia Richardson – Behind The Yellow Door: Mrs. Merrill, the brilliant surgeon and pathologist, advertises for a secretary. Marcia Miles is told that her main duty will be to act as a companion to her daughter, Olivette. As it transpires, Merrill only wants some of Miss Miles to act as permanent companion to the girl, who is a horror from the waist down. Together with Dorcas the ‘chambermaid’, Mrs. Merrill overpowers Marcia and straps her down on the operating table: “Assuming that the operation is successful, as it must be, you will find Olivette’s deformed legs grafted on to your body, while Olivette will at last be able to enjoy her life as a normal human being. She has waited nearly twenty years. You have had twenty years. It’s your turn.” (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Flavia Richardson – The Red Turret: Roy Errington, the last of the family line, returns to England to claim his birthright, the Errington estate. His wife, Helen, is terrified of the place, in particular, a portrait of Roy’s great grandfather who had a reputation for being an ‘evil cove’. Her fears prove justified when the sinister ancestor puts in a personal appearance, mesmerizes Roy, and entices him to sacrifice Helen at a black mass in the concealed room … (Realms of Darkness)

Lennox Robinson – A Pair Of Muddy Shoes (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Saki – The Music On The Hill: Society Girl Sylvia marries ‘Dead’ Mortimer Seltoun and relocates them in Yessney down Devon way. Farm life suits the hardworking Dead, but Sylvia is restless and scornful of country beliefs. When she snatches the grapes left on a pedestal as an offering to Pan her husband warns her “the Wood Gods are rather horrible to those who molest them” and so it proves. She dies in agony with the gloating laughter of Pan ringing in her ears. (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Saki – The Open Window: Mr. Nutter has been sent convalescing in the country to ease his nerves, so the last thing he needs is sweet little Vera confiding her dear aunt’s “tragedy” that leaves her clinging to the belief that one day her husband and two brothers will return from their resting place on the treacherous moor and step through the open window as though nothing happened. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

William Sansom – A Woman Seldom Found (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Agnes Short – Intercom:(Realms of Darkness)

Robert Silverberg – Back From The Grave (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

May Sinclair – The Villa Désirée (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Henry Slesar – Examination Day: (Realms of Darkness)

A. E. D. Smith – The Coat (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Clark Ashton Smith – The Seed From The Sepulcher: (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Lady Eleanor Smith – Satan’s Circus (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Barnard Stacey – The Devil’s Ape (Realms of Darkness)

Frances Stephens – Claws (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Robert Louis Stevenson – The Body-Snatcher (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Bram Stoker – Dracula [extract]: (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Bram Stoker – The Judge’s House: (Realms of Darkness)

Bram Stoker – The Squaw (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Theodore Sturgeon – It: (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

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Mary Danby ‘65′ series: Jacobs-Morrison

Posted by demonik on May 25, 2007

Mary Danby 65 books

* Entries in blue have been or, hopefully, will be annotated in the Fontana section *

W. W. Jacobs – The Monkey’s Paw: The Whites are entertaining Sergeant Major Morris. Morris has recently returned from India and shows them the idol in question. An old fakir had cast a spell on it because “he wanted to show how fate ruled peoples lives, and that those who interfered with it did so at their sorrow.” Those who possess the idol are reputedly granted three wishes, but Morris isn’t for putting it to the test and lobs it in the fireplace. Mr. White retrieves it and jokingly wishes for £200. The following day his son, Herbert is mutilated at the factory. His firm accept responsibility for the tragedy and offer compensation to the tune of £200. But the distraught Mrs. White just wants her boy back …

Jacobs handles this story with remarkable economy, racing to a satisfying grim conclusion. Stephen King reworked this for his ace novel Pet Sematary and – of course – there’s that EC variation, Wish You Were Here which shows up in Tales From The Crypt. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

W. W. Jacobs – The Three Sisters (Realms of Darkness)

Henry James – The Romance Of Certain Old Clothes (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

M. R. James – The Ash-Tree (65 Great Spine Chillers)

M. R. James – The Haunted Dolls’ House (Realms of Darkness)

M. R. James – Lost Hearts: Arguably James’ most conventional supernatural horror story. Aswarby Hall, Lincolnshire. 1812. After the death of his parents, eleven year old Stephen Elliott is adopted by his reclusive elderly cousin Mr. Abney, a kindly gesture but then the old scholar has a habit of taking in young waifs and strays. There was the little girl who disappeared so mysteriously – “ran off with the gypsies” most likely – and the boy with the hurdy-gurdy: nobody seems to know where he went.
The servants are good to Stephen and he’s relatively contented … until he has that unpleasant dream of a little girl’s decomposing corpse floating in the bath. And why is Mr. Abney so insistent that the boy should meet him in the study at eleven on March 12th and not a word to the servants? (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural

Jerome K. Jerome – The Dancing Partner (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Glyn Jones – Jordan (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Michael Joseph – The Yellow Cat: Mayfair. Grey, a gambler down on his luck, is pursued home by a mangy, starving cat. Despite its loathsome personality, Grey adopts it as a mascot and his fortune takes a dramatic turn for the better. First, he is visited by Felix Mortimer who presses a fiver on him for being supportive during his own struggles. The fact that Mortimer has been dead for five years gives Grey pause for concern, but the fortune he amasses at the Green Baize Club soon takes his mind off things. His downfall arrives in the shapely form of aggressive gold-digger Elise Dyer who takes umbrage at the yellow horror. Grey grabs his pet by the throat and throws it in the Prince’s Canal, thereby sealing his own doom. (Realms of Darkness)

David H. Keller – The Thing In The Cellar: From the age of three months, young Tommy Tucker has been terrified of the cellar. His parents take him to see Dr. Hawthorne who learns that the child’s fear is rooted in his belief that there’s something lurking down there. Hawthorne advises the Tuckers as to what they should do to disillusion the boy of his ridiculous fancy. (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Gerald Kersh – Carnival On The Downs (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Gerald Kersh – Comrade Death (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Stephen King – The Reaper’s Image (Realms of Darkness)

Stephen King – Suffer The Little Children (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Rudyard Kipling – The Mark Of The Beast (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Nigel Kneale – Minuke (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Nigel Kneale – The Pond (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Henry Kuttner – The Graveyard Rats (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Henry Kuttner – The Salem Horror (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Perceval Landon – Thurnley Abbey (65 Great Spine Chillers)

David Langford – Cold Spell (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Sterling E. Lanier – Soldier Key (Realms of Darkness)

J. S. Le Fanu – An Account Of Some Strange Disturbances In Aungier Street (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

J. S. Le Fanu – The Sexton’s Adventure (Realms of Darkness)

Kay Leith – Avalon Heights (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Kay Leith – For The Love Of Pamela (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Kay Leith – The Sanguivites (Realms of Darkness)

L. A. Lewis – Hybrid (Realms of Darkness)

L. A. Lewis – The Meerschaum Pipe: The narrator moves into ‘Heroney’, the former country residence of Harper who butchered several women and buried them in the surrounding fields. Or rather, parts of them:

“The most revolting feature of the murders was his habit of severing the head and limbs and leaving them on the scene for identification, while carrying away the trunk for addition to a sort of museum …”

In between visits to the Vicarage and brushing up on his golf handicap, the new squire takes to smoking Harper’s best pipe. The discovery of a gypsy girl’s mutilated remains in Arningham Woods signals a new reign of terror … (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Frank Belknap Long – The Black Druid (Realms of Darkness)

F. G. Loring – The Tomb of Sarah: Bristol. When a grave is disturbed during church renovations, the Seventeenth Century Countess revives and wanders abroad, first in the form of a huge dog, then as herself as was, a beautiful woman. She destroys several sheep and attacks a child but now a stake-wielding Priest is onto her … (Realms of Darkness)

H. P. Lovecraft – The Hound: The narrator and St. John, “wearied by the commonplace of a prosaic world where even the joys of romance and adventure soon grew stale”, enthusiastically launch themselves into a new career – as grave robbers. They set up a secret underground museum where they can gloat over their hideous finds and savour the rank stench of corruption undisturbed. Learning of a fellow ghoul five centuries buried in a Dutch churchyard, they resolve to dig him up and get their hands on the powerful amulet he stole – “the ghastly soul symbol of the corpse-eating cult of inaccessible Leng.” Within a week of their triumphant return to England they hear scratching at their windows, a faint baying as first heard when they exhumed the tomb-looter and the flapping of hordes of bat-wings. Whatever it is that seeks them attacks St. John and reduces him to a mangled corpse. The terrified narrator realises his only hope is to return the amulet ….. (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

H. P. Lovecraft – The Moon-Bog: Having made his fortune in the States, Denys Barry emigrates to Ireland, the home of his ancestors and buys the family castle in Kilderry, C. Meath. His doom is sealed when, against the pleas of the supposedly superstitious and ill-educated villagers, he makes plans to drain the bog which reputedly conceals a sunken city. The locals evacuate en masse and Barry hires outside laborers with no knowledge of the ‘curse’. On the eve of the operation the guardians of the city rise from the morass and, in emulation of the Pied-Piper, lead the party into the bog where they’re transformed into hideous frog creatures. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

H. P. Lovecraft – The Rats In The Walls (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Lord Lytton – The Haunted And The Haunters (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Philip MacDonald – Our Feathered Friends (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Agnes MacLeod – The Skeleton Hand (Realms of Darkness)

Roger Malisson – A Fair Lady: Police sergeant Jack Merrill moves from London home to sleepy Hobston village, North Yorkshire, with his young family after serving nearly two decades in the city. His investigation into the disappearance of a pretty young hippy hitch-hiker unearths disturbing evidence of a Druid cult presided over by his severe head mistress. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Roger Malisson – The Thirteenth Kestrel (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Frederick Marryat – The Werewolf (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Joyce Marsh – The Master Of Blas Gwynedd (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Richard Matheson – Deadline: Dr. Bill leaves the New Years Eve bash and his heavily pregnant wife to answer an emergency call. An “old man” in a boarding home claims he will die on the stroke of midnight. The doctor hears out his strange tale of ‘precocious youth’ and the patient’s theory as to why he looks like this when, in reality, he’s just approaching his first birthday. Sure enough, he passes away at twelve, and the doctor becomes a father at the same time. (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Richard Matheson – No Such Thing As A Vampire: The people of Solta, a village in the Romanian mountains, are in the habit of painting crosses on their doors and gathering garlic bulbs to ward off the undead, so when Madame Alexis Gheria wakes to find her nightdress shredded and blood seeping from her throat, they know what they’re up against. Dr. Gheria is devotion personified, keeping vigil at his wife’s bedside through the night but still the attacks continue. Karel, the devoted old butler, explains to his master that this is undoubtably due to his having been drugged by the vampire’s “mephitic presence” and assures him that, when the guilty party has been identified, he’ll do what needs to be done – just as Gheria hoped he would. He now consults his young colleague and “dearest friend” Dr. Vares who needs little persuasion to tend the woman with whom he had an affair during the summer … (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Norman Matson – The House On Big Faraway (65 Great Spine Chillers)

W. Somerset Maugham – The Man from Glasgow (Realms of Darkness)

Guy de Maupassant – The Hand (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Guy de Maupassant – The Hostelry (Realms of Darkness)

Guy de Maupassant – Who Knows? (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Daphne du Maurier – The Apple Tree (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Edmund Mitchell – The Phantom of the Lake (Realms of Darkness)

Arthur Morrison – The Thing in the Upper Room (Realms of Darkness)

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