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Lord Halifax’s Ghost Book

Posted by demonik on May 11, 2009

Lord Halifax’s Ghost Book: A Collection of Stories made by Charles Lindley, Viscount Halifax (Fontana 1962, 1968, 1973: originally Geoffrey Bles, 1936)

Lord Halifax Ghost Book, 1973 (?)

Lord Halifax Ghost Book, 1973 (?)

Introduction – The Earl Of Halifax

The Harper of Inverary
The Man in the Iron Cage
The Secret of Glamis
The Grey Man of Wrotham
The Haunting of Hinton Ampner
The Death of Lord Tyrone
The Passenger with the Bag
The Man in a Silk Dress
The Strange Experience of the Reverend Spencer Nairne
The Renishaw Coffin
The Butler in the Corridor
The Telephone at the Oratory
Haunted Rooms – The Strangling Woman
‘Here I Am Again!’
Head of a Child
The Woman in White
The Corpse Downstairs
The Murderer’s Dream
The Mad Butler
Lady Goring’s Dream
The Sexton of Chilton Polden
The Last Appearance of Mr. Bullock
The Corpse that Rose
The Footsteps at Haverholme Priory
‘I will pay you all to-morrow’
The Haunted Bungalow
The Monk of Bolton Abbey
The Gentleman with the Latch-Key
The Bordeaux Diligence
The Appearance of Mr. Birkbeck
The Vampire Cat
Lord Lytton and a Horoscope
Colonel P.’s Ghost Story”
Shrieks in the West Room at Flesbury
The Shrouded Watcher
The Ghostly Passenger
The Fawn Lady of Burton Agnes
The Ghost of Lord Conyers Osborne
The Ghost of Lady Carnarvon
The Ghost of Bishop Wilberforce
The Ship in Distress
The Widow in the Train
Killed in Action
The Troubled Spirit of Tintern Abbey
Labédoyère’s Doom
Exorcism at St. Donat’s Castle
What the Gardener Saw
Three in a Bed
The Simla Bungalow
The Cardinal of Waverley Abbey
‘Someone by his Side’
Bishop King’s Escape
Two Friends
The Spanish Knife
‘Turn to the Right!’
President Lincoln’s Dream
John Arthington’s Escape
Two Submarines
The Fighting Rooks and the Black Mouse
Lord Decies’ Ring
The Death of Lord Hastings
The Rustling Lady of Lincoln
The Bloody Hand
The ‘Tweenie’
Waiting for a Submarine’
The Restless Dead
The Countess of Belvedere

1961 edition

1961 edition

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