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Robert Muller – Supernatural

Posted by demonik on August 15, 2007

Robert Muller (ed.) – Supernatural; Haunting Stories of Gothic Terror (Fontana, 1977)

Devised and edited by Robert Muller

“During the final years of the last century, there still stood a mansion in Limehouse, to the east of London, known as The House on the River.
Here men with bizarre tastes would meet once a month in order to terrify each other by means of true stories of horror and the supernatural. Those story-tellers who failed to impress the assembly were – it is said – never seen again. Those who succeeded were permitted to join: THE CLUB OF THE DAMNED”.

The stories in this tie-in are all adaptations of Robert Muller’s original scripts, except Viktoria …, which was scripted by Sue Lake.

Rosemary Timperley – Dorabella, or In Love With Death
Mary Danby – Lady Sybil, or The Phantom Of Black Gables
Brian Leonard Hayles – Heirs, or The Workshop Of Filthy Creation
Roger Malisson – Countess Ilona, or The Werewolf Reunion
Sue Lake – Viktoria, or The Hungarian Doll
Robert Muller – Mr. Nightingale, or Burning Masts
Rosemary Timperley – Gall, or Ghost Of Venice

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