Encyclopedia Phantasmagoria

Guide to the Fontana Ghost, Horror & Tales of Terror series’.

Fontana Sitemap

Love the Fontana Ghost & Horror books?

…. then check out the extraordinary Encyclopedia Phantasmagoria!

Each week your Encyclopedia Phantasmagoria will build into an annotated bibliography of The Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories, The Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories, the superb Tales Of Terror series, Mary Danby’s Frighteners and Robert Muller’s Supernatural. *.

Fontana Index: A-Z by Author

Abney – Atlins Fancett – Furnass Pain – Ryunosuke
Bacon – Boucher Gaskell – Hunt Saki – Swain
Bounds – Buzzatti Ibanez – Kuttner Tapp – Turner
Campbell – Crowe La Farge – Munn Veillot – Yeats
Dahl – ‘Ex-Private X’ Nabokov – O’Sullivan

Danby 65 …’ Guide

Index to Mary Danby’s 65 Spinechillers, 65 Supernatural, 65 Horror and Realm Of Darkness

Adam-Burrage Calisher-Fremlin Galt-Irwin
Jacobs-Morrison Nash – Sturgeon Tapp-Wyndham

* Subject to me getting bored with it after ten minutes and slouching off to do something equally rubbish.


One Response to “Fontana Sitemap”

  1. Hello,

    Since our son moved out about a year ago, we hadn’t figured out what to do with the room until it occurred to us to turn it into a library, being big readers and all.

    A small brainstorming session resulted in the following: stick pics of our fave authors on the walls!

    How cool is that?

    Our faves?

    Lee Child, Pat Conroy, Nelson DeMille, Ken Follet, Frederick Forsythe, Diana Gabaldon, John Irving, Cassandra King, Dennis Lehane, Larry McMurtry, Anne River Siddons, Gay Talese, and one dead author (we dislike giving money to author’s heirs or worse…their estates! Not to mention we prefer current writing styles…mostly) Victor Hugo.

    If there are any websites or brick & mortar stores that sell photos of authors, we haven’t found it/them. Thus, we’d be grateful if you could send us a b&w (color if need be) of Ms. Siddons. Signed would be extra wonderful but not at all expected.

    Additionally we are after a photo of Mr. Dewey Decimal but we’re having trouble finding his agent.

    We’d be happy to pay if that helps.

    We thank you!

    Dennis & Judy Orellana
    109 Bayswater Ave
    Burlingame CA 94010

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