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Ted Hart – Thriller

Posted by demonik on July 13, 2007

Ted Hart – Brian Clemens’ Thriller (Fontana 1975)

Brian Clemens' Thriller

File It Under Fear
Lady Killer
The Colour Of Blood
Ring Once For Death
Murder In Mind

File It Under Fear: Local girls are being preyed upon by a serial killer. Liz, a librarian, thinks she’s discovered the killer’s identity, but her increasingly panicked attempts to warn everyone fall on deaf ears.

Lady Killer: Jenny marries Paul Tanner after a whirlwind romance, blissfully unaware that he’s a bygamist and that, together with conniving wife #1, he’s desperate to get his hands on a sizeable insurance bonus should she tragically precede him to the grave. Similar to the opening story in “The Monster Club”, but minus the Shadmock.

The Color of Blood: Julie finds herself holed up at a remote country manor with the personable Arthur Page who just happens to be an escaped psycho known as the Carnation Killer.

Ring Once For Death: Bereaved Laura Vallance takes on a butler. He turns out to be a variant on Paul Tanner in “Lady Killer” and, having hired his wife as the maid, soon settles down to the cheery business of poisoning his wealthy employer.

Murder In Mind: A distraught woman, married to a thriller writer, stumbles into a police station, claiming to have murdered a girl with a poker. The lack of victim sees to it that she’s disbelieved by all but one diligent bobby.

Ted Hart – More stories from Thriller (Fontana, 1975)

One Deadly Owner
The Next Scream You Hear
Death To Sister Mary
A Place To Die
K Is For Killing.

I’ve not seen this one, but “The Next Scream …” episode features Satanism and “Death To Sister Mary” has a Soap Opera star mithered by an obsessive fan who wipes out several members of the cast.

Thanks to ade for the scan!

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