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Robert Aickman – Fontana Ghost 7

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2007

Robert Aickman (ed.) – The 7th. Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories  (1971)

Robert Aickman - Fontana Ghost 7

Introduction – Robert Aickman

Joseph Payne Brennan – Levitation
Gerald Bullett – Dearth’s Farm
John Keir Cross – Esmerelda
Ralph Adams Cram – The Dead Valley
Vladimir Nabokov – The Visit To The Museum
A. E. Coppard – Gone Away
Washington Irving – Governor Manco And The Soldier
Robert Aickman – The Cicerones
Mrs Riddell – Old Mrs. Jones
W. C. morrow – Over An Absinthe Bottle
Davis Grubb – Where The Woodbine Twineth

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  1. albie said

    I have another cover of this…

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