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Guide to the Fontana Ghost, Horror & Tales of Terror series’.

R. Chetwynd-Hayes – Scottish Tales Of Terror

Posted by demonik on August 15, 2007

‘Angus Campbell’ [R. Chetwynd-Hayes] (ed.) – Scottish Tales Of Terror (Fontana, 1972)

Introduction – ‘Angus Campbell’

Angus Stewart – Brown God In The Beginning
Robert Louis Stevenson – The Body-snatcher
Simon Pilkington – The Inheritance
R. Chetwynd-Hayes – Shona And The Water Horse
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Silver Mirror
W. S. Morrison – The Horns Of The Bull
Sir Walter Scott – Wandering Willie’s Tale
Ronald Duncan – Consanguinity
John Connell – The House In The Glen
John Keir Cross – The Lovers
Dorothy K. Haynes – The Head
Eileen Bigland – The Lass With The delicate Air
John Nicholson – Sawney Beane And His Family
James Hogg – The Brownie Of The Black Haggs

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