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Christine Bernard – Fontana Horror 1

Posted by demonik on August 15, 2007

Christine Bernard (ed.) – The Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories (Fontana, Feb. 1966)

Bram Stoler – The Squaw
Robert Aickman – No Stronger Than A Flower
Hugh Walpole – Tarnhelm
Agatha Christie – The Gypsy
Algernon Blackwood – A Case Of Eavesdropping
Nigel Kneale – The Pond
Roald Dahl – William And Mary
L. P. Hartley – The Two Vaynes
Ray Bradbury – The Next In Line
Frank Baker – In The Steam Room
Saki – The Interlopers
Elizabeth Bowen – The Cat Jumps
Ambrose Bierce – The Boarded Window
Joan Aiken – Marmalade Wine

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