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Bryan Douglas (ed.) – Mystery and Imagination

Posted by demonik on July 5, 2007

Bryan Douglas (ed.) – Mystery and Imagination (Fontana 1968)

Mystery & Imagination

The Body Snatcher – R. L. Stevenson
Room 13 – M. R. James
The Phantom Lover – Vernon Lee
Lost Hearts – M. R. James
The Fall of the House of Usher – Edgar Allan Poe
The Canterville Ghost – Oscar Wilde
The Tractate Middoth – M. R. James
Carmilla – Sheridan Le Fanu

THE BODY SNATCHERS … Doctors whose enthusiam for surgery knew no bounds …

LOST HEARTS … The brilliant scholar had all that he needed: money, a beautiful house, peace – except hearts – other people’s hearts.

THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER … Edgar Allan Poe’s classic story of a horror: a great house … its haunted heir … and the sister he loved more than life itself …

THE PHANTOM LOVER … She was obsessed by a ghost … a ghost who reacted out of the past to take her …

ROOM 13 …. How could there be a shadow dancing wildly on the wall? A reflection from a room that didn’t exist …?

AND OTHER MAGNIFICENT TALES from the TV series that is enthralling millions of viewers.

Thanks to blackmonk of the Vault Of Evil board for the cover scan.

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