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Posted by demonik on May 31, 2007

My friend Charles Black recently drew my attention to a post on the Ray Bradbury forum from Terry Tapp. Mr. Tapp (not, apparently his real name) admits to writing under a number of pen-names, some male, some female, citing John Duncan as an example (under this name he contributed a story to Mary Danby’s The Green Ghost collection for young adults, the title story of which is as by ‘Terry Tapp’).

I’d wondered about the collective of contemporary authors who regularly turn up in Danby and Chetwynd-Hayes’ Fontana books. So many of them seemed to vanish into the ether when the series’ stopped. How many, I wonder, were the work of one writer adopting multiple pseudonyms?

Well, if the mighty Locus site have it right – and I’ve no reason to doubt them – one of my favourites, Roger Malisson wasn’t a guy at all, but the nom de plume of Catherine Gleason who also contributed stories under her own name.

I’ve not looked into this in any depth but what of Kay Leigh, Heather Vineham, Barbara Joan Eyre, Roy Harrison, Pamela Vincent and Bryn Fortey? We know Tony Richards is real: He’s gone on to publish a number of novels and has his own site, Richards Reality , while Roger F. Dunkley has a birth date against his name (1943 -) in the Locus directory, usually a good indication that the author is who he says he is.

If anybody can contribute more information, please don’t hold back! :)

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