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Mary Danby ‘65′ series: Tapp-Wyndham

Posted by demonik on May 25, 2007

Mary Danby 65 books

* Entries in blue have been or, hopefully, will be annotated in the Fontana section *

Terry Tapp – The Invaders (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Terry Tapp – Polish the Lid (Realms of Darkness)

Terry Tapp – See How They Run (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Bernard Taylor – Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Bernard Taylor – Travelling Light: Gideon is forced to share a room with Travers due to a mix up at the hotel. Watching the stranger shave with a cut-throat razor reminds Gideon of the series of motiveless murders that have been baffling the police: eight women have been slashed in public by their husbands – “it’s like some terrifying disease.” The following morning Gideon’s wife is due to meet him in the lobby. He has a hangover which is odd as he didn’t drink the previous day. He looks in the mirror and … (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Alan Temperley – Evening Flight (Realms of Darkness)

William F. Temple – The Whispering Gallery (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Paul Theroux – Dengué Fever (Realms of Darkness)

Christine Campbell Thomson – Message For Margie: A semi-legitimate Psychic comes to grief in the great Christine Campbell “Not At Night” Thomson’s final horror story, according to Mike Ashley, her personal favourite. (Realms of Darkness)

Rosemary Timperley – The Deathly Silence: A woman poisons her unbearable husband, a compulsive reader prone to giving her the silent treatment for weeks at a time. But when she returns home from the funeral another book is open on the table. A page turns. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Rosemary Timperley – Harry (Realms of Darkness)

Basil Tozer – The Pioneers of Pike’s Peak (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Harry E. Turner – Now Showing At The Roxy (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Mark Twain – A Ghost Story: New York. The spirit of the petrified man known as the Cardiff Giant haunts both the Museum where his remains are on show and a room in a large house on Broadway. Twain convinces him he’s got this haunting thing all wrong in this forgettable parody of Gothic excess ..
(65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

R. E. Vernede – The Finless Death: R. E. Vernede – The Finless Death: Mexico. Kender and Flackman ignore the pleas of Don Miguel the Innkeeper and go fishing at the lagoon as planned. So two Germans failed to return from the same spot yesterday – what is that to them? Their bravado pays off when they land a peculiar catch: a rotund white fish which, truth be told, neither of them like the look of.
The boat containing the dead Germans – stood stock-still like waxworks – floats toward them. The floppy white thing – ugly brute! – oozes slime …..
(65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Tim Vicary – Guest Room (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

H. Russell Wakefield – Blind Man’s Buff (65 Great Spine Chillers)

H. Russell Wakefield – Lucky’s Grove (Realms of Darkness)

H. Russell Wakefield – The Triumph Of Death: Mrs Redvale the rector’s wife is concerned about Amelia, the young maid of all work at Carthwaite Place. The young woman is showing the strain of skivvying for the seriously embittered Miss Prunella Pendleham, the last of a notorious line who, disappointed in love has waged a war versus her own sex ever since. It doesn’t help that Carthwaite Place is haunted, quite possibly by Amelia’s immediate predecessors who were driven to their deaths (her ladyship delights in having Amelia read to her from the career of Gilles de Rais with the occasional M. R. James ghost story thrown in by way of light relief). Can Mrs Redvale persuade her spineless husband to stand up to Miss Pendleham and prevent another tragedy?
I’ve seen Wakefield’s post-1940’s work dismissed as rather misogynistic variations on well worn revenge themes, but this one certainly has a spirited nastiness about it. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Hugh Walpole – Mrs. Lunt (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Hugh Walpole – Tarnhelm (Realms of Darkness)

Elizabeth Walter – The Hollies And The Ivy: Gus and Judith Pentecost move into The Hollies, previously owned by old Mrs. Dyer whose husband vanished, presumed murdered by wife although no body was ever recovered. From the first, Gus fights a losing battle versus the unruly ivy which clings to the walls and taps on the windows at night. Come Christmas, and they’re entombed by the fist-thick roots. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Elizabeth Walter – The Tibetan Box (Realms of Darkness)

Evelyn Waugh – The Man Who Liked Dickens: (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Evelyn Waugh – Mr. Loveday’s Little Outing: Despite a terrible crime in his youth – he throttled a woman cyclist – Mr. Loveday has been a model patient at the County Asylum, so much so that Angela takes him for a member of staff when first she meets him(he’s been acting as her father, Lord Moping’s secretary, his Lordship having attempted to hang himself with his braces rather than attend Lady Moping’s garden party). Angela campaigns on the old boy’s behalf and secures his release … (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Philip Welby – Buffy (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

H. G. Wells – Pollock And The Porroh Man (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

H. G. Wells – The Red Room (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

H. G. Wells – The Sea-Raiders (Realms of Darkness)

Simon West (August Derleth) – A Thin Gentleman with Gloves (Realms of Darkness)

Edith Wharton – All Souls’ (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Dennis Wheatley – The Case Of The Haunted Chateau: During World War II, an old chateau ” … had to be abandoned because it is so badly haunted that even the officers refuse to stay in it.” The spectre is reputedly that of the sadistic Vicomte de Cheterau who bled the peasants dry and was crucified by them during the Revolution for his sins. Psychic detective Neils Orsen investigates. (Realms of Darkness)

Dennis Wheatley – The Case Of The Long Dead Lord (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Dennis Wheatley – The Snake (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Edward Lucas White – Lukundoo: Stone learns the hard way that it doesn’t do to humiliate a witch-doctor. From carbuncle-like swellings on his body emerge tiny Negroid men, the heads of which he lops off with a razor. But it’s a never-ending battle and, forced to endure the shrill taunts and gesticulations of the pigmy’s, he’s driven to madness and death. (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

T. H. White – The Troll (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Henry S. Whitehead – The Lips (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Mary Williams – No Ticket (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Angus Wilson – Mummy To The Rescue (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Alexander Woollcott – Moonlight Sonata: A “true” story, published in America rather than the UK on account of it being far too scandalous and horrific for the English press! All names – except for that of the lunatic – have been altered to protect Woollcott from a libel suit.
Cazalet invites his friend Dr. Alvan Barach to stay at his crumbling manor house (Barach thinks of it as ‘The Creeps, Sevenoaks, Kent’). The guest is disturbed in his sleep and wakes to discover a figure intently sewing in the corner of his room. At first, he takes this to be one of the ghosts he’s been warned about, but the discovery of cook’s mutilated body disillusions him of that one … (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

P. C. Wren – Fear (65 Great Spine Chillers)

John Wyndham – Close Behind Him (65 Great Spine Chillers)

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