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Mary Danby ‘65′ series: Galt-Irwin

Posted by demonik on May 25, 2007

Mary Danby 65 books

* Entries in blue have been or, hopefully, will be annotated in the Fontana section *

John Galt – The Black Ferry (Realms of Darkness)

Jane Gaskell – Jane: Girl prone to fits is neglected by parents who favour Jane, a boa constrictor. The snake, in its dotage, attacks and devours the father. (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Theo Gift – Dog Or Demon? (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Charlotte Perkins Gilman – The Yellow Wallpaper (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Anthony Gittins – Gibbet Lane: Surrey. Flash Londoners Gollen and Pounceby are on a walking tour and pretending to enjoy it. They stop to ask a farmer for directions to the nearest pub, and he tells one of the gents he’ll accompany them some of the journey. By way of conversation, he offers the cheery tale of an innocent man hung for the murder of his wife and the weird experience he himself underwent on this gloomy stretch of land. (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Terry Gisbourne – The Quiet Man (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Catherine Gleason – Friends (Realms of Darkness)

Catherine Gleason – A Question Of Conscience (65 Great Spine Chillers)

John B. L. Goodwin – The Cocoon (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Winston Graham – The Basket Chair (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Winston Graham – The Circus (Realms of Darkness)

Stephen Grendon (August Derleth) – The Tsanta In The Parlor: Ernest Ambler, the bane of his uncle Theophilis’s life has been missing, hopefully dead, in Ecuador these past seven years, when he writes to the old boy announcing his return to the States. By way of a peace offering he encloses a macabre gift: the shrunken head of a Jivaro Indian. As he awaits Ernest’s impending arrival the old man’s patience is tested to the full by inexplicable gibbering from the parlour at night and the presence of a headless figure which shadows him on the stairs … (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Davis Grubb – The Horsehair Trunk (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Davis Grubb – Where the Woodbine Twineth (Realms of Darkness)

John Halkin – Bobby (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Willis Hall – Waking or Sleeping (Realms of Darkness)

Pamela Hansford-Johnson – Ghost Of Honour: “Until the fall of this house I will walk within it, and when the last brick crumbles to dust I will walk the site of it. Only one grain of mercy will I leave with you: never shall living soul behold my face.” Such was the dying speech of Jeremiah ‘Beefy’ Dunbow, as he choked on a fish bone fed him by his wife and fellow stage performer and, three hundred years later, he’s sticking to his guns. The St. Pancras family are rather fond of their ghost who daily bangs out a mean tune on the organ, but their guest, Mr. Robertson isn’t amused. When Jeremiah visits him in his room after dark, Robertson even accuses him of reneging on that “one grain of mercy” consolation …. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Roy Harrison – The Frogwood Roundabout (65 Great Spine Chillers)

L. P. Hartley – Monkshood Manor (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

L. P. Hartley – Someone in the Lift (Realms of Darkness)

William F. Harvey – The Ankardyne Pew (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

William F. Harvey – The Beast With Five Fingers (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Dorothy K. Haynes – The Peculiar Case of Mrs. Grimmond (Realms of Darkness)

Dorothy K. Haynes – Those Lights And Violins: Eight years ago, the Mount Hotel at St. Mervyn’s hastily shut its doors for good after a guest was stricken with bubonic plague. It spread. Racked with guilt, song-and-dance man, Splitter Haley has kept the dark secret of what happened to the corpses, but now it is time to unburden himself. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

O. Henry – The Furnished Room (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

C. D. Heriot – The Trapdoor (Realms of Darkness)

Patricia Highsmith – The Day of Reckoning (Realms of Darkness)

Patricia Highsmith – The Snail-Watcher: Peter Knoppert learns the hard way that a man can have too many snails. Beginning with just a handful of specimens, he allows them to reproduce unchecked until they’ve taken over the study and sets himself up for a slimy doom. Highsmith in gross out mood. (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

George Hitchcock – An Invitation To The Hunt: Fred Perkins is aghast to receive the printed invitation to the local knobs’ biggest social event of the year and can’t fathom why he’s been acknowledged. Wife Emily is delighted and, when he tells her he’s not going, she reminds him of his duty to the children, his perpetual moaning that he has no contacts and the fact that the neighbours are seething jealous. She even buys him a smart huntsman’s uniform so he won’t feel left out. Come the eve of the big day, Fred is too nervous to sleep. And, as it transpires, not without good reason. (Realms of Darkness)

William Hope Hodgson – The Voice In The Night (65 Great Spine Chillers)

William Hope Hodgson – The Whistling Room (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Robert Holdstock – Magic Man (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Thomas Hood – The Shade Of A Shade (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Geoffrey Household – Taboo: Zweibergen, a village in the Carpathian Mountains, summer 1926. Loner Shiravieff is forced into union with Vaughan and his wife Kyra when three local men go missing in the forest. The peasants are convinced that a werewolf is responsible and, surprisingly, Vaughan agrees with them after his own fashion. He and Shiravieff take it in turns to act as bait and lure out whoever or whatever is responsible. A figure crawls from a cave under the spring …… (Realms of Darkness)

Richard Hughes – A Night At A Cottage: Worcester. An escaped convict breaks into an abandoned cottage to shelter from the storm. Presently he’s joined by a tramp who explains that the property is shunned on account of the ghost of the previous owner who drowned himself in the pond. (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Fanny Hurst – Guilty: Mr. Jett’s wife and daughter believe him to be a were-fish. Emma, the mother, died giving birth to Ann Elizabeth, who is a relatively run of the mill girl up until the eve of her wedding. As her father enters the room she attacks him with a knife, shrieking “Don’t touch me! You can’t! You haven’t got any arms! Horrible gills!” Eventually she turns the blade on herself, plunging it into her throat. The unfortunate Mr. Jett is tried for murder.
(65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Hammond Innes – South Sea Bubble (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Washington Irving – Guests from Gibbet Island (Realms of Darkness)

Washington Irving – The Spectre Bridegroom (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Margaret Irwin – The Book (Realms of Darkness)

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