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Mary Danby ‘65′ series: Calisher-Fremlin

Posted by demonik on May 25, 2007

Mary Danby 65 books

* Entries in blue have been or, hopefully, will be annotated in the Fontana section *

Hortense Calisher – Heartburn:  Psychiatrist walks into a Doctor’s surgery and says “I have some kind of small animal lodged in my chest …”

It began when a troublesome boy arrived at the school and boasted of his special ability. He could swallow animals and regurgitate them whole. Obviously, nobody believed him and when one of the kids said as much, the ‘gift’ transferred to him. Soon it has passed from one boy to the next. The shrink dismisses it as some kind of collective mania …

You can see the end coming a mile off but that doesn’t detract from the powerful strangeness of the thing.  (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Ramsey Campbell – Calling Card: New Years Eve, a fine time for old Mrs. Harris to learn that the previous owner of her house had an unbalanced son, prone to lashing out at everybody, who eventually drowned himself – and tonight is the anniversary of his death. It’s not as if she hasn’t had enough to contend with recently, what with that nasty Christmas card and the smell of stagnant water that seems to follow her everywhere … (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Truman Capote – Miriam (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

John Dickson Carr – Blind Man’s Hood (Realms of Darkness)

Mark Channing – The Feet (65 Great Spine Chillers)

William Charlton – Undesirable Guests (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Agatha Christie – The Last Seance (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Agatha Christie – The Strange Case of Sir Arthur Carmichael (Realms of Darkness)

R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Door: William and Rosemary Seaton, “two young, beautiful people as modern as Carnaby Street”, are happily going about their lives until William buys an antique door from the recently demolished Clavering Grange and fits it to his cupboard. William, an author, obsesses over his purchase to the detriment of everything else. Soon enough, in his waking nightmares he’s visiting the vast blue chamber it once opened upon and learns that the door was prepared by black magician Sir Michael Sinclair during the reign of Charles II and before long Sinclair is making regular incursions into the house. The door requires blood and Sir Michael has decided that Rosemary’s will keep it in operation as his portal on the world for some time to come …

One of several Chetwynd-Hayes stories featuring Kent’s much haunted Clavering Grange, this was filmed by Amicus for From Beyond The Grave. (Realms of Darkness)

R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Monster (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

R. Chetwynd-Hayes – Shona and The Water Horse (65 Great Spine Chillers)

R. Chetwynd-Hayes – A Vindictive Woman (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Winston Churchill – “Man Overboard!”: …..and nobody’s realised! As he struggles to remain afloat, the ship pulls further away and he realises he’s going to drown. It just couldn’t get any worse … (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Roger Clarke – Blackberries (Realms of Darkness)

Hugh Clifford – The Ghoul (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Adrian Cole – The Horror Under Penmire (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Adrian Cole – The Moon Web (Realms of Darkness)

John Collier – De Mortuis (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

William Wilkie Collins – A Terribly Strange Bed (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

R. C. Cook – Green Fingers (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Michael Cornish – Superstitious Ignorance: Edward and Penny go to view their dream home on the outskirts of London. It is currently occupied by Mrs. Laristis and her brood of filthy, wide-eyed silent children and she does all she can to turn them off of buying the place. “This house not good. Not glad. Is evil presences. Is old evil thing, maybe murder, I don’t know. Very evil things here. Not good for you.” Edward dismisses her as a credulous retard and ignores her protestations. He and Penny step into the shunned room downstairs …. (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Frederick Cowles – The Horror of Abbot’s Grange (Realms of Darkness)

F. Marion Crawford – The Dead Smile (65 Great Spine Chillers)

F. Marion Crawford – The Screaming Skull: Tredcombe Village, Cornwall. Luke Pratt killed his wife having been given the means by retired sea captain Charles Braddock when he innocently related the details of a particularly sadistic murder: the killer poured boiling lead into his victim’s ear via a funnel (!). To avoid detection, Pratt severed his wife’s head and kept it in a hatbox.
Braddock inherits the Pratts’ house on the death of a doctor friend by “hand or teeth of a person or animal unknown”, and the soon the skull is up and out of its box, rolling around and shrieking at him. The late Mrs. Pratt still hasn’t absolved him for giving her wretched husband ideas. (Realms of Darkness)

F. Marion Crawford – The Upper Berth (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Roald Dahl – Georgy Porgy (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Roald Dahl – The Landlady: Young Billy Weaver, on business in Bath, takes a room at a Bed & Breakfast run by a sweet old girl who’s very particular about the type of client she’ll accept. The landlady, he soon decides, is dotty – why does she keep calling him ‘Mr. Weaver’? – but harmless. At least he got the first part right … (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Roald Dahl – Pig (Realms of Darkness)

Mary Danby – The Engelmayer Puppets (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Mary Danby – Nursery Tea (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Mary Danby – Robbie (Realms of Darkness)

Mary Danby – Woodman’s Knot (65 Great Spine Chillers)

August Derleth – The Extra Passenger: Mr. Arodias murders his eccentric uncle Thaddeus unaware that he is a powerful Warlock. Fleeing the scene of the crime on the night train, he is irked to discover a dark and silent character sharing his compartment …
(Realms of Darkness)

Charles Dickens – The Signal-Man (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Monica Dickens – Activity Time (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

William Croft Dickinson – The House Of Balfother (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

William Croft Dickinson – The Witch’s Bone (Realms of Darkness)

David Dixon – The Lodger In Room 16 (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Arthur Conan Doyle – The Adventure Of The Speckled Band (65 Great Spine Chillers)

Arthur Conan Doyle – The Brazilian Cat (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Arthur Conan Doyle – The Brown Hand (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Amelia B. Edwards – The Four-Fifteen Express (Realms of Darkness)

Amelia B. Edwards – The Phantom Coach (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

Stanley Ellin – The Speciality Of The House (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

A. E. Ellis – The Haunted Haven (Realms of Darkness)

A. E. Ellis – If Thy Right Hand Offends Thee (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

H. H. Ewers – The Spider (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Elizabeth Fancett – Someone In The Room (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Elizabeth Fancett – When Morning Comes (65 Great Spine Chillers)

William Faulkner – A Rose For Emily (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Rick Ferreira – The Girl From Tomango (65 Great Spine Chillers)

C. S. Forester – The Man Who Didn’t Ask Why: Prescience is a double-edged blade. Carpmael has an unerring ability to predict the future, which is how he’s amassed a fortune as a notorious gambler and speculator. But how long will it last? When and how will he die? The doom he envisions while bedridden in hospital is is so awful, he blows his brains out on the spot. That is, he attempts to…… (65 Great Tales Of Horror)

Celia Fremlin – Don’t Tell Cissie (65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural)

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